About Us

Company Profile

SHENZHEN ISANGX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2017, the company has focused on LCD industry for 10 years and have our own strong R&D team and sales team. In the context of global energy conservation and environmental protection, was established ISANGX. Our R&D team have 10 years of industry experience, after three years developed in flexible LCD film technology, ISANGX became the leader in this field. At present, ISANGX in the field of flexible liquid crystal writing technology and imaging principles already have the domestic intellectual property and a number of domestic patents.

In order to meet the special needs of the flexible LCD film production process, ISANGX imported custom-made high-efficiency, high-precision and high-quality automatic roll to roll production equipment in overseas. With strong R&D strength and cutting-edge production equipment, ISANGX and a number of domestic brands do OEM cooperation. ISANGX products are also exported to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and Africa and other countries and regions at the same time, and has been well received by domestic and foreign consumers recognition. In the future, ISANGX will continue to push flexible LCD writing board series which is suitable for all kinds of industries, various people and individualized needs.

New technology, new product, new market with huge demand. ISANGX are subverting tradition and lead the future.

Corporate Culture

Business Purpose: To create value for customers.

Business Philosophy: Quality first and create value to customer.

Core Values: Honesty and responsibility.


Our Vision

Improve communication and collaboration by LCD Writing Tablet technology.

Bring high quality product and solution to the customer and partnership.